Ad Space Available in Volume 4

We are running Ad Space again in The Cosplay Journal Volume 4! This open for small businesses, commission makers, podcasts, photographers, videographers, artists, and well EVERYONE!
The rates are super reasonable, and we have three different sizes at different prices, so please get in touch if you would like some ad space!

Reach us through our contact page to get more information.

Volume Three is NOW AVAILABLE


Volume Three of the Cosplay Journal officially available! After a successful pre-release at CosXpo all of you lovely people can now get your hands on it!

Head over to the NEW ISSUE page for all the links to where you can it and maybe drop us an image of you reading it or leave us a review of what you think! We love hearing from you all!

The Cosplay Journal Now Has Merch!

The Cosplay Journal now has merch! Tshirts, stickers, even a travel mug can all be bought in our Redbubble store if you click the link at the top of the page. You can get our snazzy logo in loads of ways to show off to your friends and cosplay buddies, also it really helps us out in keeping The Journal running.

Hope you like it all!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you!

We hope you had a great holiday season and we ready to spring into action in 2019! We know we are! Volume 3 is well underway as are some exciting new bits and pieces to go alongside it.

We are also now offering advertising space in the Journal, so if any of you are interested please do contact us, through our contact page.

If you haven’t already got your hands on the first two volumes of The Cosplay Journal then head on over to our latest issue pay where you can find all the info to get your hands on them!

Here’s to a cosplay filled 2019!

Volume Two has been Released!

Into the wild it goes!

You can now get The Cosplay Journal Volumes One and Two for yourselves on Amazon, at Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Foyles, The Book Depository and online at Drivethru Comics!

Go through the New Issue page of our website for all our links to where to buy your copy.

If you’ve got your copy we would love to hear from you, so please leave reviews where ever you have bought your copy or on our Facebook Page.

We also have our Team Page up on the website so you can see all our contributors!

Thanks everyone!

Volume Two Pre-Orders Are Now OPEN

We have been working very hard over the last few months to get Volume Two together. If you’re following our instagram you will have seen some of what we have be doing to make sure this second volume to be even better than the first!

If you want to pre-order it, follow the links HERE or search for The Cosplay Journal on Amazon!

We hope you enjoy Volume Two as much as the first, if not more.


The First Volume is available now!

The Cosplay Journal Logo Black

The very first volume of The Cosplay Journal should have been sent out to everyone who pre-ordered by now but don’t worry if you didn’t pre-order it, in fact now you can order it and get THE VERY NEXT DAY! Yay for Amazon! You can search for us on there or follow any of the links below.

Please do let us know if you liked it, we are so excited to see what people think and always ready to build and improve on what we’ve done so far. Please do leave us a review on Amazon (or any where else you may have bought it from) or send us your feedback directly on our contact page.


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Pre-Orders are OPEN!

That’s right folks, you can finally order your very own copy of The Cosplay Journal to be in your hands on 11th June!

11th June?! Yes! That’s the release date for The Cosplay Journal so make sure you’ve ordered your copy to be ahead of the trend!

You can order it right here on our website in the NEW VOLUME section.

Thanks for all your continuing support,

Holly Rose Swinyard, Editor

Ribbon and Fabric Bow Tutorial Now Live

The second online tutorial has gone live, an incredibly helpful guide to making bows by Velveteena Leigh. No magical girl can do without that oversized bow on her costume, just like no Doctor can survive without a bowtie and this tutorial will make sure that you can do both without a care in the world. Bow(ties) are cool, don’t ya know!

Go to our tutorials section or click here: Ribbon and Fabric Bow Tutorial