Interested in working with The Cosplay Journal? Check out the information below for details.

If you are interested in pitching an article to The Cosplay Journal, along with the required information, please submit a 200 word pitch explaining your the article you wish to write, titled “Pitch: (Name of your Article)” and accompanied by examples of your work for other sites, zines, or your own blog.

If you would like to be considered for a feature either as a photographer please submit a link to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page or portfolio accompanied by a 250 word paragraph explaining your the project you wish to submit to The Cosplay Journal, general cosplay interests and about your work.

For cosplayer features please link us to your instagram or other social media platform.

All of our features, photographs and pieces are commissioned and made specifically for the Journal, and MUST NOT have been published or released anywhere else beforehand (including personal website, social media, or portfolio sites).

If you are applying to be featured as a cosplayer and wish to submit images you MUST have written permission from the photographer and this MUST be submitted with your images. We also may wish to arrange a photoshoot with you, rather than accepting submitted photographs. 

Each new project will be pitched to Editorial, explaining what it is that the creator wants to bring to the magazine and why they think it should be focused on. The Journal’s main focuses are  on highlighting the artistry, skills and diversity of the cosplay scene in the UK, and each photographer, cosplayer and writer that we work with should highlight that in their project pitch.

Please be aware that we do have a high number of submissions for features and we cannot feature everyone straight away.